Jack Slater

Portrayed By: Adjectives

Birth Name
Jack [Unknown] Slater
Date of Birth
April 7, 2003
Place of Birth
New York, New York
Current Location
New York, New York
Registered As
Diane Slater (Mother) [deceased]
Penelope O'Connor (Aunt) [alive]


Jack Slater was born to a large, tight-knit and well to-do God fearing family in the suburbs of New York. Many of the Slaters were military personnel, so it was only natural that his decorated military father has expectations of his four boys to carry on the tradition. His mother Diane had died of lymphoma when they were young; she was the first in the family to ever die of the cancer. She was very close to her sister Penelope, who often visited the family home and spent time with the boys growing up.

When Jack was only twenty years old, he had secured his place in the military and worked his way up to a Sergeant in the US Army. His eldest brother joined the Marines, and his two other brothers worked their way up in the Navy. It was at this point that the Nova's were discovered and became public knowledge. For the next decade Jack was taken away from his training and humanitarian duties and sent around the country to take care of Nova protests; at first he didn't understand why they were sent to take care of protests, but when lithe young women were throwing around several two hundred pound men in riot gear without even touching them, he understood.

It was at this time that a sudden spike in people from his childhood suburb were recorded as having lymphoma; when the deaths within a couple of weeks reached the double digits within the small neighbourhood, it was becoming primetime news. It was discovered that there was a boy living in the area with the ability to give cancer to those around him just by being angry; it didn't take long to find out the boy had went to the kindergarden that Jack's mother worked at part-time.

When Penelope had discovered this, it affirmed her hard line stance on the Nova's even further. To be congresswoman wasn't enough, she needed presidency in order to lock up the Nova's and throw away the key. That would be the only way to protect humanity. Jack admired his aunt for her brazen views, and admired her even more when the American people adopted her views and elected her as President ten years later.

Jack grew closer to his aunt at this point and helped her make appropriate changes so that the military might better hunt down the Nova's. With her influence in Congress she was able to abolish the rights of the Nova and with her position as commander in chief, she would invest heavily in technologies to combat the the most common abilities of the Nova. Jack was given a position by the President as Commander of the Nova Peace Force whose primary objectives were to secure the camps and detain any remaining Nova.


+ Determined

+ Persuasive

- Aggressive


President Penelope O'Connor - Aunt